Is SMS Marketing As Effective As Email For B2B

When people hear the term SMS marketing, the first thing that hits their mind is unwanted or annoying messages they keep receiving all day on their mobile phone via SMS. On the other hand, when you hear the term inbound marketing, you immediately think about creating helpful and informative content, making lives of your customers and leads easier, faster and better by just delighting them.

While seeming very different, inbound and transactional SMS service have a lot in common that you think. When SMS is looked through the “inbound” filter, B2B text message marketing can be highly helpful. Here, we are discussing that how SMS are equally or more effective than Emails for B2B.

Apples to oranges

Let’s start by making a comparison of Email and SMS Solutions. Email is an important part of B2B as well as inbound marketing techniques. Email is considered spam when contextually irrelevant, unsubscribed or unwanted. However, when some informative, helpful or relevant content is sent in an email along with landing pages, videos and blogs to people who are interested in your services and sent a request to get such emails, email becomes an important part of inbound marketing.

On the other hand, if we talk about Enterprise SMS Solutions, then depending on the provided information and whether the recipient has subscribed for the text message, they are considered spam or helpful; just like emails as we discussed in the above paragraph).

Let’s discuss numbers

When SMS and emails are looked at the same way, then why you should consider SMS? There are various reasons, like, 97% of business experts highly use their mobile phone 24 hours every day and look at it approximately 150 times daily.

B2B businesses that use inbound marketing techniques send contextually helpful content through emails to lists of subscribers who have legally opted-in for the emails. Looking at the frequency that people use mobile devices, text messages may be used for the same marketing techniques with improved success.

In addition, once you get the permission for text message, you are directly content to the clients almost 24 hours daily and you can enjoy high read rates of 98% and URL click-through rates of 19%. That is a high click through rate.

What information is time sensitive or even not, SMS is the best solution given the average response time for email is 2 days and SMS is just 90 seconds.

The present state of SMS

According to the recent studies and researches, SMS is just like Email, but a lot better when we talk about content and inbound marketing delivery. SMS when added as a channel, it will just improve your conversions. This is the same to how adding LinkedIn to your Facebook strategy will improve your reach and conversions.

Today a number of businesses use SMS to notify their clients about updates, appointments, webinars, scheduling, shipping and more. You can send effective calls to action that lead your prospects and clients to forms, landing pages, etc.

Everyone is using it

Let’s have a look at how some large B2B organizations are already using text message in their inbound or customer targeted marketing techniques.

Businesses involved in trading of company stocks, send SMS to let their clients stay connected in real-time to activity in their accounts and in the markets.

B2B content publishers use it to keep their fans updated about financial news by giving them real-time updates.

Other B2B businesses use text message for things like delivering client delight alerts, PR announcements, blog delivery, app downloads and video.

Overall, we can say that don’t be scared of SMS solutions, it can be better than email and prove more helpful if you use it well as a tool of client delight or content communication supplement.

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