Researchers make a spinach leaf pump like a human heart

Just when you thought it was safe to eat a salad researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute have shown that a decellularized spinach leaf can be turned into a vascular network that could help doctors regrow organs. The project, featured in the journal Biomaterials, is about as proof-of-concept as you can get, but the primary value is proving that a previously ... Read More »

Data Recovery From All Storage Devices


Everyone person in this world has their own laptop or tablet. This electronic device has become part of our daily life. Many people are relying on this device for their every work. They cannot imagine their life without laptop. Each place, they carry it with them. Everything is digitalized and you may need laptop in each and every field of ... Read More »

Converting Videos with Movavi Video Converter

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Trying to keep up with the ever-expanding range of video formats can be tricky – especially if you often transfer videos between your devices, some of which may be compatible with only certain formats. Instead of constantly facing issues playing videos in certain formats, if you could convert them then you would always be able to ensure they are compatible. ... Read More »

Uber reportedly denied recruiters diversity data

Uber is expected to publicly release its first-ever diversity report sometime next week. But it turns out that Uber’s demographics were also unknown to members of its recruiting team, Bloomberg reported earlier today, citing several sources. According to Bloomberg’s report, although some members of Uber’s recruiting team are tasked with hiring diverse people, those members never had any concrete data ... Read More »

Tesla Model 3 will get a Performance version next year

The Tesla Model 3 will eventually get a more performance-oriented option, which Tesla CEO Elon Musk says we can probably expect in around a year or so. The Model 3 tuned for better performance might inherit more of the muscle of the Model S, in a smaller, lighter package, but Musk says not to expect it to ever top the ... Read More »

Zenreach raises $30M to help businesses boost their marketing with free Wi-Fi

Zenreach is announcing that it has raised $30 million in Series C funding. The round comes from venture capital firms like Maverick Ventures, Founders Fund (Founders Fund’s Peter Thiel joined the board last year), 8 VC, Bain Capital Ventures, First Round Capital and SV Angel — plus two celebrity investors, NBA star Kevin Durant and actor/VC Ashton Kutcher. Founder and CEO ... Read More »