University of Johannesburg introduces first short learning programme


The University of Johannesburg is excited to announce it’s first short learning programme titled Ukuluka: Artisanal Weaving Techniques in Contemporary African Jewellery Design.

The programme, which starts on 26 June and runs over three weeks, aims to use specific weaving techniques as a basis to produce contemporary African jewellery.

A couture collection by a leading South African fashion designer will also showcase the pieces made during the programme.

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Head of the jewellery design and manufacturer department, Farieda Nazier said this year’s programme consists of a dynamic line–up involving extensive cultural tours in preparation for designing and producing unique jewellery.

“Mariambibi Khan, a specialist in the technique of French bobbin–lace weaving, has been approached to facilitate this workshop. Khan will be accompanied by world-renown fashion designer David Tlale, who will provide the stimulus for the programe,” said Nazier.

The international nature of the Short Learning Programme (SLP) is reflected in combination of the first group, 15 international students and one South African student. The programme is dedicated to learning specific skills and methodologies each week. During the first week, the focus will be on a design brief and basic techniques; week two will be on design and manufacturing; and week three on resolving and exhibiting.

“The intended outcomes of the short learning programme are to generate and develop jewellery design concepts, understand technical processes, apply techniques to produce a jewellery piece and to understand safety rules related to jewellery manufacture,” said Nazier.

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