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Staying in Touch, Virtually

While most Americans are traveling far and wide to connect with family and friends this Thanksgiving and holiday season, not everyone is able to do that. Not everyone is granted holiday leave during November or December. While some may be taking Virgin America, if you’re unable to hop on a plane this holiday season, consider using Virgin Mobile to spend time with friends and family.Virgin Mobile is one of the nation’s most trusted carriers. These days, phones are capable of so much more than voice calls. You and your family can share group video chatting, use chatting apps, send pictures and videos, and so much more. All of these services are included in your phone plan, too!

While many people are spending their entire November and December paychecks this holiday season, score some great deals while staying in touch with your family and friends. Right now, Virgin Mobile and Groupon are offering up to $80 off certain phones, and an addition $15 off other items. In the past and in the near future, deals like $50 off, 25% off, and $50 off + Free Shipping have all been on offer.

The holiday season can be tough if your company does not let you get out of town to visit with relatives and friends. While you may see other families and friends reconnecting, don’t feel like you can’t do the same. An added plus in using virtual technology is that it can work across time zones, too. You don’t need to connect at the same time even- using chat app technology, one can leave messages, videos, and photos to be viewed later. If you can’t fly to your family, why not consider bring them to you, by giving them a virtual tour of your new city?

Just because you can’t fly across the country right now doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with your friends and family. Enjoy some quality time via group video chat and share in the novelty of new technology. It will be a delight for older and younger friends and family alike.

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