Sony’s mobile studio ForwardWorks preps debut game harnessing Everybody’s Golf IP


Sony’s new mobile studio ForwardWorks has started a pre-registration campaign for its debut game which uses the Everybody’s Golf franchise.

Known as Mingol, the game is being developed by Drecom and published by ForwardWorks. It will be available on Android and iOS, though a release date has not been revealed as yet.

The pre-registration campaign is offering free coins and clothes when the game hits a certain level of registrations. Players can directly pre-register for the game, as well as interacting with its Twitter and LINE accounts to unlock further bonuses.Image result for Sony's mobile studio ForwardWorks preps debut game harnessing Everybody's Golf IP

Swipe in one

Mingol itself is designed specifically for one-handed play, with players swiping on their screens to take shots. It will feature a plethora of customisation options and online PvP multiplayer.

Sony ForwardWorks had announced its mobile adaptation of Everybody’s Golf in December 2016 with a spring 2017 release date. It is also developing games based on PaRappa The Rapper and Wild Arms as well as developing its own original IP.

Drecom most recently partnered with Bandai Namco to open a new mobile development studio called BXD. The developer will be working on games based on Bandai Namco franchises such as Dragon Ball Z and R.B.I. Baseball.


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