Winstrol Half Life: A Decider For Your Pick between The Oral and The Injectible

Half-life of a drug or a substance is the time required by it to reach half of its total effect. This means that the speed at which the drug’s overall effect like the pharmacologic, physiologic etc. potency in plasma of the blood gets consumed. In short, it is the time span for which this steroid can be detectable in one’s body. Thus, a steroid with a longer half-life would be required in smaller doses and vice versa, to keep the effects of it intact in the body. Thus, the total dosage of any of them is quite significantly dependent on this factor.

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Winstrol Injectible versus Oral Consumption: Dosage And Effects

What makes the injectable version of Winstrol unusual than that of any other injectable steroids is that that it is water soluble, and not oil soluble like others. In fact this can actually turn out to be quite complicating, The injectable version of it is known as Winstrol Depot is very different in its chemical composition than any of the oral anabolic drug. In its injectable mode, a large 22-gauge needle barely is enough to administer this steroid into the body! The large particle size deposit would act for a longer time and just one shot would suffice for 3-4 days as it stays in the blood within acceptable limits. But in order to inject it, a 21-22 gauge needle is used that can be very uncomfortable to the recipient.

Men could suffice for a dosage of it orally between 15-25 mg, while in the injectable form, it would be best to go for 25-50 mg once every day, for fetching the maximum results. The women, on the other hand should go for a much lower dosage orally, that is, anywhere in the range of 5-10 mg per day. The injectable form, Winstrol Depot is best avoided as it has its definite side effects of showing stark androgenic symptoms. Orally, though, women tend to digest the stanozolol quite favorably as the biological half-life is one day.

When it comes to the factor of stress on the liver, the injectable scores there even though marginally. The Winstrol tablets pass through the liver directly thereby straining the liver directly. Thus, when on higher oral dose of it, a close check needs to be kept on its effects on the body, especially to prevent any liver damage. In the Winstrol Depot usage, this chance is almost fully combated as the steroid does not enter via liver, thereby lessening the ‘strenuous load’ on it. It is very strongly recommended that if used in combination of taking it both orally and in the injectable form, the use of the time span should not exceed the 6-8 weeks limit.

Also, higher doses of Winstrol Depot are nearly an impossibility to be administered in the body because of the needle issue. Here, the oral version could come as the choice, as Winstrol 10 mg tablets are available in the market. Also, it is more inclined to improve the tendon brittleness.

So, it is a close competition as far as making the final choice goes between the two modes!

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