Some Of the Weirdest Tech You Will See in 2016

2016 is here with us, and with the New Year comes new things. In this new year craze, technology is not to be left behind. 2016 is one amazing yet quite weird year in the world of technology. Many inventions are bound to be released into the market, with some being helpful, some amazingly wow, yet others are weird in the literal meaning of the word.

18-inch paper-thin OLED display
This amazing invention is the work of LG. The display is flexible such that it can be rolled up like a newspaper. What is, even more amazing, is that it is built with a 1200 x 810 ppi resolution, making it crystal clear, while positioning it in the league of other conventional displays. What this means to future e-readers is that they can experience an authentic paper-like appearance while making use of this gadget.

Sensorwake ‘olfactory’ alarm clock
Lately, conventional alarms are known not to do such a good job when it comes to waking people up in the morning. However, you do not have to worry anymore. The new Sensorwake ‘olfactory’ alarm clock is designed to release scents that vary fromlushjungle,ocean, peppermint, croissant, chocolate or evencoffee, all for the purpose of waking you up.

Drive PX2
Nvidia has gone ahead to combine the power of 150 Macbook Pros to come up with a supercomputer known as the Drive PX2. Nvidia’s Drive PX2is designed for self-driving cars. The computer is designed to enable the vehicle perceive and adapt to the road.

Digitsole footwear
Everything is going smart nowadays, and shoes are not to be left behind either. The Digitsolefootwearis designed to connect to a smartphone app to enable automatic shoe tightening. Additionally, the smart shoe is designed to provide foot heating as well as calorie tracking. Well, these are the marvellous wonders of science.

We all love to have some little fun on the side right? So do our pets. If you think that your dog needs to share the fun, well CleverPet is their version of the PS4. Not only does the gaming console keep your dog’s brain occupied, but the stomach filled as well. All that the animal needs to do is hit the console’s light pads when illuminated. This repetitive task drops treats into a revolving tray for the dog to feed on.

Fibre Optic Broadband
We are now living in the digital era whereby everything is smart. From coffee makers to wristbands, practically everything is now being designed with a smart option. This makes internet connectivity a necessity in our lives. What better way to stay connected than with Hyperoptic fibre optic broadband? Well, for starters, this is the fastest type of broadband available. Not only does it keep you connected to your gadgets, but it is also designed to enable you to watch cable TV, download movie-size files in the shortest time possible as well as run your usual online tasks. The beauty of it is the fact that it is so fast such that even when in use by multiple users, the speeds are still reasonably fast.
All these technological advancements are either to be rolled out or expanded in the year 2016. Indeed, this will be an exciting technological year.

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