Online Marketing Options For The Budget-Concious

Not every firm has a Fortune 500 budget that allows it to create the infrastructure necessary to make a product line come alive. So if you are a manager that is responsible for online marketing at your company, you may have to look a bit more carefully to find the ecosystem that you need in order to be as successful.

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Vendors make a difference

As you build your list of requirements for your marketing infrastructure, you might take a look at the services that are provided directly by your website hosting provider. As a vendor of hosting services, it is in their best interest to have your website be as popular as possible. Network Solutions, one of the oldest Internet marketing and website companies in the United States, is a good example of a vendor that offers online marketing services directly correlated to your sales success.

Available options

There are quite a few different ways to market your product online. One of the nice things about starting out in the second decade of the 21st century is that most of the options available to you come with a documented average rate of return in terms of increased sales. It is also helpful that you are typically able to be as hands-on as you would like to be. Some companies prefer to have an internal project manager interfacing directly with each piece of the online marketing project that is staffed by the hosting provider. Other companies keep some of the online marketing staffing onsite.

The options that are available to you through leading hosting providers include: SEO marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and ad placement.

SEO and you

When you work with your hosting provider to optimize your search engine results, one very large positive is that your website will not be compromised by contractors- as the people that are working with your material directly are already inside the firm that hosts your website material.

Search engine optimization focuses on moving your web pages up in the rankings so that when someone searches on words that have to do with your company, your webpage link is the one that they see. That is quite important. According to Network Solutions, over 80 percent of the people that visit a link while shopping online contact the company they are viewing- and the majority of those making contact actually buy something.

Another reason to use your hosting provider to work with SEO on your behalf is that their experience with all of their clients gives them the ability to know the style and quality of writing necessary to move your pages up in the rankings. As Google rewards quality writing, the higher the ranking that you have, the more sales you will end up with.

Ad placement

One of the newest online marketing systems, ad placement through a hosting provider is starting to replace traditional media buyers because the hosting provider is often in a unique position to statistically understand which venues will optimize your online marketing results.

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