Information Security Threats Likely to Dominate in 2017 and Beyond

The landscape as far as information security threats are concerned keeps on evolving and businesses often find it a challenge to navigate the terrain. However, with a forward looking view of some of the biggest information security threats, you can safeguard your organization. Below are some of the threats you need to keep tabs with going forward.

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State-Backed Espionage

Over the past year, there has been series of revelations that have brought into the open the fact that government espionage activities are on the rise. This trend is worrying because if allowed to go on, it can have a domino effect thereby encouragingother governments to also get into the game.

It is no longer the North Koreans and the Chinese under the spotlight, but even some democratic states are being accused. The best approach to sealing the loopholes is for organizations to set up and participate in forums that help share threat intelligence. The organizations should also ensure appropriate knowledge and awareness of information security across board.

Balkanized Internet Space

Countries have begun to tame the freewheeling nature and openness of the internet by putting in filtering systems that prevent their citizens from accessing certain information they consider undesirable. Through sovereign networks, these companies are making an effort to isolate their communications from foreign spies. According to experts, balkanized internets do not work. Instead, countries should coordinate and maintain partnership to enable information sharing across the various industry sectors. This in turn builds cyber resilience.

Unforeseen Consequences of State Intervention

As countries make attempts to police their internet corners, some organizations may suffer collateral damage as a result. For instance, the United States justice department shutdown Megaupload, a file sharing site in 2012 due to an accusation of illegal activities such as copyright violations. This action subsequently hampered the sharing of over 11 million legitimate files.

The recommendation here is to build resilience by implementing proportional security measures in light of the threats being targeted.

Big Data Problems

If properly leveraged, data analytics can be such a huge force within your organization. On the contrary, decisions based on incomplete or faulty data sets can inevitably lead to disaster. The biggest challenge organizations have today is in understanding the source and the legitimacy of the data they are using. There is a need for these organizations to put in place structures and employ adequate skillsets to help them validate and test the various data types. In addition, organizations should outline a process to be followed when analyzing big data and its application to the information security problem.

The Vulnerable Route of Mobile Apps

If there is a disruptive trend that has visited the tech landscape this century in such a big way, is mobile. There is rapid development and innovations around mobile, but very little in terms of security considerations. This has made mobile apps a prime target for cybercrime. Organizations should consider incorporating security solutions like Dell SonicWALL into existing standards for information access management. The risk education and awareness of BYOx (bring your own anything) should be promoted in innovative ways.

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