EaseUS partition master review

The EaseUS partition master is helpful software for partitioning purposes. It has a vast amount of partitioning capabilities. It offers basic partitioning features like creating a new partition, deleting a particular partition. It can merge different partitions. It has the ability to resize the different partitions. While moving or resizing a partition it does not provide a setup wizard for easing out the process. Additional portioning features are also present in the EaseUS partition software. It has the ability to clear partition and remove the data stored on the hard drives. It helps a provision for partitioning and activating a specific partition. The specific partition can also be hidden if you desire. When you have opted to hide the specific partition at that time it will not show up even in the control panel of the computer. Although it becomes invisible in the control panel, but you can see the accurate partitions in the EasyUS partition master software. It is quite easy to disable the hidden feature and unhide the partition.


Before you apply any changes to the partitions and hard drives it asks for your confirmation. Only after your confirmation, the changes will be applicable. While initiating any task the software alerts you to the possibility of any data loss. So you have the choice of saving the data in some other safe place before initiating any activity through the EaseUS partition master software.  A feature is available in the software which makes it possible for you to change a partition label and also allows changing drive letter fonts. This feature is helpful in batter organizing and managing your hard drive.

Necessity of extend volume windows 7 :

Now a day’s windows 7 have become very popular among the masses. Many users are purchasing it and old users are upgrading to the windows 7 version. The common problem that the users face is the partitioning of the drive. Many times you get pop ups saying that ‘low disk space’ and ‘run out of space’. The built-in disk management option can be used to shrink and manage space but it has certain limitations of extending the volume to a certain limit. The EaseUS partition software can be helpful in managing and portioning the space effectively. With the simple operations of “Resize/move partition” the EaseUS software does the work of resizing or portioning or moving the space.

how to partition an external hard drive :

The EaseUS partition software helps in the partitioning of the external hard disk also. If some data is there on the external hard disk it should be stored at some other place, otherwise, it will be lost during the process of partition. The EaseUS partition software makes it very easy to partition the external hard disk and also allows resizing it.

hard drive partition software :

The EaseUS partition software is one of the best solutions for creating, deleting, resizing, moving, merging and splitting and wiping partitions to make the best use of the hard drive capacity.

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