The foundation of Special Guest app has been laid down by serial entrepreneur Kristopher Jones and actor/comedian Damon Wayans, Jr. The task of hiring LIVE entertainment on demand via web app and the mobile app becomes easy by Special Guest. We can connect with LIVEcomedians, musicians, DJ’s, bands, clowns, celebrity lookalikes, and impersonators. Dancers, murder mystery hosts, sword swallowers, cultural entertainment, snake charmers, fire eaters, caricature artists, photographs, wedding officiants, instrumentalists, body and face painters, Irish Step Dancers and Mariachi bands and more. If you are a corporate event planner, someone in search of hiring an entertainer to perform at the dinner or office party, a wedding planner, a bar/restaurant/nightclub owner or a mom in search of talent for a kid’s birthday party then we are the perfect destination for you.

When it comes to comedians, the Special Guest app has an array of talented comedians to choose from.

  • Christian Comedian

Christian comedy is a type of comedy in which performance is shown in front of Christians. The performances are done on church grounds or at off-site, church sponsored venues. Christian references are entailed by the material of comedy. Its main purpose is to bring people to the church who do not prefer to visit it. The spirit of church members is renewed and refreshed by the Christian comedian. Special Great App has a list of various Christian Comediansand you can choose any of them according to your event.

  • Comedian

It is the job of the comedian to make the audience laugh by his entertaining act. This can be done through amusing situations, acting foolish, employing prop comedy or acting foolish. A comedian is considered to be the best entertainer if he is able to spread smiles among his audience. Comedian is meant for making the mood of the people. He is the life of each and every occasion and if you want one for your event then you just need to operate our app and you will get the best one.

  • Comedy Group

If not individual, you can also look for a comedy group for your event. The material of comedy produced by comedy group is combined efforts of all the members of the group. Comedy group is hired for entertaining the audience of any occasion. For making people laugh, hiring a comedy group is a good option. A good comedy group is identified by its entertaining acts. It will surely refresh your guests’ mood in the event.

  • Musical Comedy Act

Songs, spoken dialogue, dance, and acting are included in the theatrical performance to which we call musical theatre. But when these songs, spoken dialogue, dance, and acting become humorous then it is termed as a musical comedy act. The main purpose of musical comedy act is to entertain the audience. It is the best way to make your guests joyous.

Special Guest App will provide the best comedians for entertaining the people in different events like birthday parties, anniversaries and wedding etc. Just download the app and you will get the best comedians for your event.

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