Avoid Mistakes That Can Put You Back In Jail While Out On Bail

No one enjoys going to jail and everyone wants to get released, as fast as they can. The fact is that getting out of the prison, after an arrest is a lengthy and time consuming procedure. You need to pay the amount set by judge as bail bond to get yourself free.  However you will also need to fulfil the conditions attached to the bail like to be present on every court dates. There are also chances that your bail can be revoked and you can be sent to jail again or your bail bond can be forfeited.

Bail conditions

Below is a list of things that one should not do while out on bail. Bail bond conditions vary from case to case however most of the bail bonds have similar conditions attached to them.

  1. One must appear in court – If you posted a bail, you should ensure that you are present on every hearing set by the judge If you fail to appear on the scheduled date you need to face an additional charge of violating the court order along with the charges already there.
  2. Another crime – If you are on bail and commit another crime you put yourself in trouble and will be sent to jail with less chances of getting bail again.
  3. Bail bond is always conditional – You should always keep in mind that the bail is granted to release the person but some conditions are also attached to it. If someone out on bail violates these conditions then they end up in prison. A bail condition can be like restriction from leaving a particular area, or fleeing from the country.

Bail bond revocation can be initiated either by the prosecutor or the judge or a bail bond agency. A prosecutor can give notice to revoke the bail bond on the account of failure to follow the terms of the contract.

Even if you do not fail to comply with the conditions a bail bond agent can ask for bail revocation if he is of the view that you will not be present at the next hearing, at the court. In addition, a bail bond company can arrest and produce an accused in the court.

In some of the cases a bail bond revoked earlier can be reinstated through procedure of remission. A bail reinstatement is a procedure where accused or any one on his/her behalf can make a request to court to refund the forfeited amount.

This request should be filed within a time defined by the law or the court from the date of the forfeiture. This decision is totally in the hands of the court to determine, if they want to provide relief to the accused or not, the decision is also based on the sound justice principles. Generally, a bail can be reinstated in conditions given below.

  1. The accused is not aware of the particular condition and violated it.
  2. The violation was not willful.
  3. There was no damage to anyone due to the violated conditions.

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