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App launches marketing checklist for the year 2016

Hundreds of apps are uploaded to the developer panel each day on Google & Apple iStore. It has been few years since Smartphones apps have come to the market properly and yet became very competitive. Only those will go down with better features and user-friendly apps to the top 10 charts.

There is a variance between launching an app in the Top 10, and initiate an app in uncertainty. If an app doesn’t start with the promotion before then launch, then it is most likely to have a tough time. Always be a competition and try to come up with a unique strategy before the release of the app.

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1. Conduct Market Research

Would you go for a job interview without checking the background of the company and it merits? Would you buy a car before researching on how suitable is it for your needs? It is all about research that makes your way more comfortable, and you can make a wise decision during critical times.

The first step is always the market research, and it gives you a clear idea of whether your product or your idea is demand and how well it will do in the market along with the competitors.

2. Start Marketing As Soon As You Can

When you have an experienced people or team on your side, then marketing should be on the top of To-do list. Even if your app has all of the needed features, still it won’t reach the fame it deserves because not many are aware of your app, and it’s features. A good old fashion marketing always helps the app make a good start on the platform.

If you are planning to release your app soon, then do a promotion and try to get as many as possible “E-mail id of those, who like your product and try to get them as many as possible to send a notification when it’s available.”

3. Make Sure Your App is ASO-Ready

Marketing can help you gain more downloads and users but at a period, you haver to put an end to marketing because the marketing strategy was put up for the start-ups and it cost a lot in marketing. Organic visibility to your app can be a fortune because it opens up more opportunity for your app to get better exposure and who knows they might turn into your regular users. Not only that, organic exposure last longer than the paid ones.

You better work the Title, description and choose to trend key terms so that you can rank better on search engines.

How to Get Reviews – Android App Promotion

What is crucial nowadays that there are more than hundred of thousands of apps are being uploaded to Google, and it ‘s hard to keep up with them. The wise alternative is to understand the user’s needs and the wise way to convince the users to download your app is the positive reviews which you can buy app reviews. Positive reviews increase chances of the product or app to get better exposure and get a higher number of downloads.

Users are likely to judge your app functionality based on the reviews. If you have done good marketing at the beginning, then you must have huge loyal users and ask them to write a review on the app. This should assist you to convince the new users and encourage them to use it at least for once then judge the app functionality.


Marketing of an app is crucial but ranking organically along with the app quality will give you long-term results. After that, you can focus on the app functions and add more features.


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