Android Nearby, Voice Access Features Tipped to Be Unveiled at Google I/O

After briefly mentioning Android M, the Google I/O schedule now reveals two new Android features that will be introduced at the conference. The first feature is called Voice Access, expected to be introduced at a session on Day 1, and as the name it suggests will let users control apps using voice commands. The other feature is called Nearby, expected to be introduced at a session on Day 2, and is said to let users connect to others who are nearby.

According to Google, Voice Access service will add little to development overhead and would give users an “access to their Android device through voice alone.” The event titled “Your app, now available hands-free” is scheduled to happen on Day 1 of Google I/O. It is yet to be seen if the feature is an Android M exclusive or will be reaching the existing OSes as well. Not much can be said about the feature for now. However, one would have to wait till May 28 to get the details.

Nearby is the feature that is expected to be unveiled at the Google I/O session “Proximity-based communication”, but no details about what the session will showcase have been revealed beyond: “Learn about new technology for discovering and communicating with devices nearby.” However, the Nearby feature has beenrumoured to be launching for a while now, and said to let users communicate with people, places and devices which are nearby.

Google is also likely to announce the next Android M operating system at the conference. The firm while revealing its 2-day schedule for the upcoming Google I/O conference on the website, accidentally also revealed a small description of Android M in the Android for Work Update session on Day 1. The session has since been removed from the schedule list.

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