5 ways Office 365 can work for your business

Microsoft Office 365 is the next cloud computing software that allows you and your business to integrate your documents, emails and so on between all of your devices. Where old versions of Office required you to purchase the package up front, at a flat rate and then install it on to computers and laptops, Office 365 is a monthly subscription, pay as you go service.

Instead of purchasing for just one computer this subscription can be split across five platforms, whether it a computer, laptop, phone or even tablets all of the devices are synced to one another and all the information is stored remotely in the cloud. Office 365 is flexible enough to adapt to you and your business, you can tailor the service to meet your needs and requests.

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In this article Syntax IT Support London share 5 ways in which Office 365 is beneficial for your business.

  • More than one package available

One of the most obvious reasons to opt for Microsoft Office 365 is that there is more than one package available. If you want it for you personally, for home, or for your whole business you can design it to how you want. And, with whatever package you go for, OneDrive cloud storage provides each use with 1 terabyte of free storage. This is fairly substantial size and if you wanted even larger, you can buy more!

  • Easily store and back up files

With 1 terabyte of data provided for free, this is the platform and space for you to easily store and back up your files. By storing them on the cloud means you can access these files on any device that has Office 365 installed.

By backing up to the cloud  you can be assured that they are not going to disappear. Additionally, you can access these files anywhere at any time. If you are working offline due to a lost connection on Explorer 10, Safari 5 or Chrome 24, then Office 365 will automatically sync any work you completed onto the system when you are next connected. This helps to ensure that you are working on the most recent version.

  • Automatic updates

Another benefit to your business with Office 365 is that there is no longer the worry of having to regularly and manually update any software. Office 365 has an automatic update system that means any bug fixes and glitches will be removed before you really have the chance to experience them.

Furthermore, any features, upgrades or extensions that Microsoft provides will be automatically installed onto your devices. Make a note that you will still have to manually update the software for anything other than Microsoft Office 365 but at least that is a whole bunch of applications taken care of!

  • Collaborate with colleagues

It is likely that you have more than one member involved in your business, and often it is incredibly handy if you can collaborate on documents together. Well with Office 365 it allows you to do just that. With the option to work on Word, Excel, Power Point online, you will be able to edit documents real time with others who want to edit them as well. You can collaborate emails and calendars so you can keep a check on your team.

  • Use on all kinds of devices

The next reason Microsoft Office 365 is revolutionary for your business is that it is available to use on pretty much all devices. If you are out an about and need to check a document, you can do through Office 365 on your mobile. If you are working from home and need to access files on your laptop, or your tablet then you can do through Office 365.  It does not matter if it is Apple, Android or Windows; Microsoft Office 365 is designed for as many devices as possible.

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