The Perfect Gift Idea For The Nexus 6P Owner In Your Life

A lot of people dread birthdays, holidays, and any other occasion that requires giving a gift. Not because they’re Scrooges who don’t believe in showering their friends and family in presents, but because they fear getting the wrong thing – something that their loved one will shove to the back of a closet and forget about in a week’s time. If you lump yourself in with these people, then fear no more. Give the gift of a skin for all of the Nexus 6P owners in your life.aaaaaSkins for Nexus 6P smartphones are an inexpensive yet thoughtful idea. It proves to your loved one that not only have you taken note of their amazing new phone, but that you’re helping them preserve it for as long as possible. A skin adheres to the smartphone to provide unparalleled protection from common accidents that can cause scratches, dents, and other forms of wear and tear that can ruin the 6P. It also enhances the grip by providing a surface that your hand naturally wants to hold onto, so your friend or family member will be less likely to drop their phone. Your friend will think you thoughtful, but really, you’re protecting yourself! If they don’t damage their latest phone, you won’t have to hear their whining or be worried about how you’ll get in touch with them!

If you’re still a little hazy about skins for Nexus 6P smartphones, think of them like a hulked-out sticker. They are custom designed to fit the exact 159.3 x 77.8 x 7.3 mm dimensions, so you don’t have to worry about them overlapping. They’re also cut from quality 3M vinyl, so there’s no chance of air bubbles ruining the design – which is something you want to think about. When you purchase your gift skin from a superior skin provider, you have the choice of picking from some of the coolest designs possible. The vinyl is printed on the best printers, so you can pick from highly colourful and eye-catching skins. The Nexus 6P covers from dbrand go one step further and add interesting textures (like leather, metallic, and carbon fiber) to the mix, so you can find the perfect skin for your friend.

When you get a skin for each of the 6P owners in your life, you can finally leave behind the stress of gift-giving. Instead, you can finally enjoy the moment when they open up their present. So start looking at the options and figure out what colour or texture your loved ones would love. Then start stocking up for birthdays and holidays.




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