RatedMobile and Various Issues & Features of Mobile Phones

The advancement of science and technology, especially from last part of 20th century to present day, has changed many remarkable changes in society, industry and even in the individual lifestyle. One of the most phenomenal changes is the advent of computer and development of electronic technology to a great extent. The communication system was taken a great leap forward with the invention of telephone by graham bell on 1874 and after that there were many changes but the development of mobile or cell phone, actually revolutionized the entire concept of telephone. Today, the most updated mobile phone system, smartphone; has the capability of performing almost all sorts of jobs, which can be done in a laptop. One can enjoy the music, videos, social networking, data management and all possible communications, with the help of a most advanced mobile technology. It is regarded as the most flourishing and also one of the best revenue generating business proposition.


Modern Cell Phone and Its Features

There are some unique features in a mobile phone, apart from just normal voice communiqué, made the device most attractive and useful one for its proud user. Some important features are to be considered in choosing the mobile phone, which ensures the quality and versatility of the device. As per the review by RatedMobile; some interesting and useful features are as follows:

  • Sound: in the early years of mobile phone, the sound system was not so advanced but the growing popularity of the device and relentless research and advancement of the technology, developed the most sophisticated and superior quality sound arrangements are now available even on a less expensive ordinary mobile phone.
  • Internet: This was first introduced to desktop or laptops but afterwards, the internet developed in such way that is compatible to mobile devices also. Almost all service providers, who provides phone connections, are also makes available the internet service through sim cards, which have opened up the complete world within the reach of an individual.
  • Audio and Video: the service of a mobile phone is not confined to the simple monotonous communications, on the contrary; facilities like audio and video (including cinema and TV serials) service are also being provided in modern day’s cell phones. Now a user can have the scope of downloading or watching a song, musical concerts or complete film through the mobile phone device, supported by internet.
  • Social Networking: This is the most important and popular feature of a mobile phone; where one can have the facility of communicate with any friend or family members, through social networking sites e. g. facebook, googletalk, twitter, skype, viber etc. which are helpful in minimizing the virtual geographical distance.

Operating Systems:

Although there are some operating systems available in the market but three major and popular systems are having the majority of the market share. As per RatedMobile, IOS, Android and Microsort are three major player, who provides the most advanced and compatible operating systems, which are specifically designed for modern users of mobile phones.

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