Your business requires a proper infrastructure to ensure its overall development. And one such infrastructure that provides both immediate and long-term benefits is the Avaya VoIP phone system.

The Benefits of using the Avaya phone system are many in number and will enhance the productivity of your business from different perspectives. The major benefits are listed below:

  • Cost-effective: The Avaya phone system will help you to save on the costs. Yes, you have to bear the initial installation costs, but with time, it will help in adding up the downtime which is equivalent to saving a lot of money.

Also, you do not require two lines (the phone line and the T1 line) like before. The Avaya phone system creates a converged network using for both voice and data.  This reduces your business expenses to a large extent.

  • Ensures a better customer support: With the Avaya phones, your customers can contact a particular employee at the office more easily. An improved customer support system is important for any company and forms the pillar of customer satisfaction. They can contact the concerned department more easily whenever they face any issues and look for the solution.

This advanced system also has provisions for automatic entry of customer information into the database which helps in easy tracking of data.

  • Helps in a better communication among the employees: It also helps the employees to communicate with each other more easily and thus establishes a collaborative approach for work.
  • Flexibility: If you plan to extend your business, the Avaya phone system can be modified with additions and alterations to serve for this extended business. With software updates and addition of a few hardwares, it is easy to make the existing system suitable for the modified business.
  • Mobility: This phone system will help you to add more mobility into your business since it is compatible with a variety of PDAs. Also, the sales agents can make their cell-phones equivalent to the desk phones while travelling by connecting them to the PBX. It thus offers a great amount of mobility.
  • The credibility: This product is brought to you buy the famous Bell Labs and is thus a reliable option.
  • Better Performance: The Avaya phones provide you a great performance and it is rare to have problems in the network. So, sending of e-mails and functioning of the fax machine doesn’t stop!
  • IP office: You can design a suitable infrastructure for your company by using a strength of about 50-60 employees. The Avaya phones can be scaled up or down according to the size of your business quite easily. If you do not have the budget for IP phones at this moment but plan to get hold of them soon, you can at least build the framework and lay down the basic structure of the same.

Thus, Avaya phone systems are of great help for any kind of business and can be used to boost the productivity of the same within affordable costs.

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