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How to Make Video Presentations with Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter

Over the years Microsoft PowerPoint has become the most widely-used software when it comes to creating presentations. Not only is it user-friendly, but it also comes with numerous features that will help you to create impressive looking presentations quickly and effectively.

However the one problem with presentations that are created in PowerPoint is the fact that they are saved in a proprietary PPT or PPTX format. Because of the format of these presentations you will only be able to view them on a PC with PowerPoint installed, or using a specialized viewer.

The best way to overcome that limitation is by making a video presentation instead. Fortunately with the help of Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter doing that is a piece of cake as you can convert your PowerPoint presentation into any format of video necessary. As a video file, your presentation will then be compatible with a wider range of devices and much easier to distribute too.


To make video presentations with Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter you need only follow these steps:


  1. Click ‘Browse’ and find the PowerPoint presentation PPT file that you want to use.
  2. Change the ‘Destination folder’ setting to determine where your presentation will be saved.
  3. Open the ‘Presentation Settings’ tab to set up the video resolution and slide transition settings.
  4. Open the ‘Audio Settings’ tab to add background music or record your own voice as a narration.
  5. Open the ‘Converter Settings’ tab to select the video format or use one of the presets available to optimize it for a particular device or platform.
  6. Click ‘Convert’ to create your video presentation.

All in all it shouldn’t take you long to set up Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter so that it creates exactly the kind of video presentation you require. As a video presentation software it will let you completely control every aspect of the conversion and by using its features to adjust the slide settings you can determine the duration each slide appears too.

In a nutshell, creating video presentations should be a piece of cake from here on out. Assuming you’re already well-versed in creating PowerPoint presentations, you now have the ability to change them into a far more universal format so that they are compatible with any device and can even be uploaded to YouTube or social media if need be.

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