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Common Mistakes That You Need To Avoid With Local SEO

There are two categories of business owners, service area business and location-based business. Service area businesses are those businesses that deliver services and goods to the customer’s location. Therefore, it gets very important to be listed in the local search engine pages. These listings sometimes appear before the organic results and can be the only visible alternative to advertise the business.

Google uses personalized history or specific location keywords to find the local business in the area. Google add filters to reflect the relevant search options. In this article, we will discuss common mistakes that should be avoided with Local SEO to achieve better success with local search. You can read blogs from leading SEO Company BrightEdge and check this out for more information.

Setting business page on Google for the location

Digital age has many internal game systems. With local search area, many business owners add a location, which is not an active location of the office. Examples like PO Box, virtual offices and home. Google has been trying to clean all these false and empty listings. There are strict regulations to add your business page. Name, address, and phones are three major ranking factors to set up the page for your business with Google listings.

Keyword stuffing footer with zip codes and cities

Earlier there was a misconception that adding zip code keyword in the footer area will help with a better ranking of the site for any location based service. However, Google later figured out and also created the algorithm that leads to the penalty to the websites that used zip code keyword.

Google have mentioned very strictly in its quality guidelines that irrelevant keywords to manipulate site’s ranking will lead to negative user ranking. Hence, always avoid adding any irrelevant keyword such as zip code, etc.

Putting the wrong category on my business page on Google

It is a good practice to choose the relevant business category that is more specific or close to the nature of your business. Do not stuff your business with multiple categories and keep it to the main categories.

Use of anchor text money keyword more frequently

Google wants people to build websites for users not for search engines. Google keeps on updating its algorithm and rewards the website who work in favor of users and also penalize the sites that appear to manipulate the ranking. Therefore, over-optimized anchors text is bad for user experience and can lead to penalty if used frequently.

Duplicated content on location pages

  • Duplicate content reflects bad image for many reasons. It creates irrelevant internal competition affecting the overall ranking.
  • If Google finds out that you are putting duplicate content to manipulate the search engine, then it may manually remove your website from its index.
  • Duplicate content can also lead to having search engine believe that it is the best version of the page which is not necessarily the best version according to your idea.

To showcase and promote your business in any area, it is important to use reliable information and relevant listing keywords to get visibility through search engines. If anyone wants to advertise their business online, then they can visit and read the SEO blog where they will get appropriate information on how to generate organic traffic for the website.

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