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Amazon Launches Kindle for Kids Bundle With E-Reader, Cover, and Warranty

In a bid to encourage parents to foster a habit of reading in kids, Amazon recently announced a Kindle for Kids bundle at an affordable price of $99 (approximately Rs. 6,300). This new bundle includes a basic Kindle e-reader, a durable cover, and an extended warranty on the device for protection against spills and drops. If all the three items in the bundle were purchased separately it would add up to $138.98 (approximately Rs. 8,800).

The basic Kindle e-reader included in the bundle has 4GB of storage and the battery can last for four weeks (usage of half an hour per day with wireless off). It also comes with a durable cover, in five colours – Black, Dark Blue, Green, Red, and Purple. Parents can buy books from Amazon or choose from their already existing purchases in their public library to share with their kids.

This Kindle E-reader in the bundle also supports Kindle FreeTime, which can measure reading progress, track accomplishments and earn achievement badges for reaching milestones. An option under FreeTime will allow parents to restrict the screen on time. FreeTime also ensures that kids don’t get access to websites or social media, or be able to make purchases from the Kindle store.

In other news, Amazon has also updated the fonts to include a new one called Bookerly. Bookerly is the first typeface for Kindle which has been designed from scratch. Moreover, Kindle’s typesetting problems are also being solved with an all new layout engine. This engine has better text justification, kerning, drop caps, image positioning, and more. This font will replace Caecilia as the new default font for Kindle.

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