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A Guide To Hosted VoIP Service Providers

VoIP communication systems for business are growing in popularity year after year. The reasons behind this trend are simple; VoIp is cost-effective, setup is simple and customizing or upgrading your system is easy. In terms of usability and affordability a VoIP service is more effective for your business compared to traditional on-site systems. Navigating the hosted VoIP service provider landscape can be a daunting task for your business as not all hosted VoIP providers are the same. When setting out to take advantage of a VoIP solution, it is important to know the requirements of your company. If you choose a hosted VoIP provider without being aware of your businesses needs, costs can rack up quickly and you may find certain providers just aren’t able to offer your business a viable, properly performing VoIP solution. You may even be required to change providers completely, beginning the process all over again.

Six areas to consider when choosing a Hosted VoIP Provider


As your business starts shopping around for a hosted VoIP service provider, it is important to know what defines an affordable system for your business. This will help a provider to select a suitable plan and work with you to create a system that works for your business.

A Guide To Hosted VoIP Service Providers

Business Requirements

The next step is to know what your business requires in terms of communications functions. VoIP communications are able to provide a diverse range of features so it’s important to know which are most appealing to your business. Features available include call waiting, call forwarding, caller-id, advanced call routing, voice-to-text transcription, virtual phone attendant options, conferencing, do not disturb features as well as allowing your business to hold local or toll-free numbers in any market area. Know which features are most important to your business and your service provider will be able to custom tailor a system for your needs.


Taking into account the future expansion and growth of your business a major advantage of using a VoIP communication system for your business is the easy upgradeability or scalability they offer. Minimal hardware is required and is easily upgraded, while the online nature of the system allows for simple customization of options and network size through an online user interface. Is this something your business could benefit from?

Network Security

Your businesses communications need to be secure and VoIP systems offer some of the finest security features and capabilities. Most providers employ multiple measures to ensure protection. Firewalls email filtering and anti-malware programs also help to keep your business safe. Multiple redundancies and fail-safes protect the operation of your system so downtime is not an issue.

Service and Support

An important aspect to choosing a provider is the level of customer service and support a provider makes available to its clients. This means taking care of system setup, system troubleshooting and ensuring that your employees are familiarized with and able to fully use the VoIP system properly. Another aspect to support is the possibility of using existing phone hardware with your new VoIP system. This is particularly important if your company has a large network with a lot of existing hardware.

Communication Quality

Choosing a provider that takes steps to ensure distortion and static are eliminated from your voice calls is very important. A VoIP solution that uses it’s own dedicated network and prioritizes voice packets will provide superior call clarity for your business. When VoIP systems first became available, call clarity issues were concerning for users but these issues are not relevant with today’s technology.

Selecting the right provider is an important step because it will influence all of your businesses communications. The Internet has a lot of information about VoIp systems and providers who offer service in your area. Take into account cost, system security, scalability, support quality and service quality to determine suitable providers. Do your research and know your needs to help you choose an appropriate hosted VoIP service provider to take your businesses communication to the next level.

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