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Advantages and Disadvantages of Window Casements: Things to Consider

Casement windows can be very useful in your home, but there are certain disadvantages to casement windows as well. Should you ever consider making a change in the windows in your home, it is important to know what you might go through if you ever choose to replace them with casement windows.

Casement windows are windows that open outward and are hinged on the side; unlike other windows that open up or down. These windows open with a crank, and have a hook lock embedded into the window, to make sure that they’re closed and secure.

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One of the main advantages of casement windows is that these windows are reasonably priced, making them a financially feasible option that is easily available for many. Since one of the important factors to consider is whether these windows are within your budget, you can be assured that casement windows will be affordable to install in your home.

Casement windows can be opened at different angles as well, which can allow you to direct breezes into your home – this is especially useful if you live in hotter areas; and will provide excellent ventilation as well. These windows are energy efficient as well. The sash of the casement window forms an airtight seal when closed. This means that, if there is an air conditioner at home, the amount of energy used is conserved, because there is no air coming in from the outside.

Casement windows can come in a variety of designs as well. These windows can come in a variety of finishes, designs, and colours and different materials can be used to build the window. This way you will be able to customize your casement window to your specific tastes, and your windows will be able to uniquely match your home.

However, one of the greatest disadvantages lies in the outward opening of the casement windows as well. Because of these windows being able to open all the way, they pose a serious danger –especially if children or pets manage to get near the window. Should you ever get a casement window, make sure that young children aren’t allowed to open the window, to avoid the risk of falling from the window in an effort to open the window all the way.

Another disadvantage is that the screen has to be placed inside the home, because the casement windows swing outside. This means that the screens become vulnerable to damage from children, pets, and furniture. This also means that these screens become more difficult to clean, and can be more expensive to maintain.

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