Cine stars, pop stars, sports stars or any person belonging to the glamour industry always feels to live up to a certain expectations of the public and fan base they have. The paparazzi hounds them in every corner of the earth and they the pressure to look their best at all times. This makes them go to bizarre attempts to look good and go in for age defying tools to conform their bodies to match the standards expected of them. The stars feel that being normal in the limelight may affect their prospects.


There is a cut throat competition in each and every field. And every other day a new and younger person replaces some one or the other in the field of glamour. As newer talent surfaces, the older lot get stressed and they work harder to get noticed. Though there are exceptions to everything, the thumb rule for celebrities is too get attention and by exposing bare bodies, trying hard to  look younger, doing bizarre things with tattoos, body piercing, flashy clothes, getting scandalised and you name it. They would do anything to get headlines.

Being noticed is the ‘in’ thing in this world. One of the things is getting the ripped body, amazing physique. Be it a man or woman. The lady with toned pins, large pert bust, a shapely butt, and wash board abs, a man having a chiselled body and looking like a Greek god, is this humanely possible in a short time? We clearly ‘know’ how they go that body to die for.

Almost every celebrity has used steroids or body supplements for various reasons and at different points to time to give them the buffed look. This is achieved but the personal trainers, dieticians and experts they have hired to guide them. But there times, when these actors take things in their own hands and abuse those substances, which sometimes, take their lives and send them to rehab.

Steroids used by Rappers

Most famous of the rappers who got mired in this controversy was 50 cent along with Mary Bilge and Timbaland. Steroids were extensivelyused by the rapper 50 cent.Obviously the change was noticeable for his sudden ripped look.Though media made a hue and cry about but the charges could never be proved and it rumours slowly died down. Since they could never get 50 cents urine tested as he had a huge battery of legal personnel defending him.

Though not proved but there was a certainty that there was the use of steroids and and sources claim that he used a ‘stack’ of them and they were supplied to by chiropractor. These were used to pump up their fitness routines. These practitioners went to propound that the use of HCH, Human Growth Hormones would provide for anti-aging factors such youthful skin, luscious hair, wrinkle free skin and increased libido.

The longevity of youth is debatable and not proven by scientific stats backing these claims. They seem tall ones to make, but stars buy it and they feel that it’s their best option. The effects for performance enhancement and body building hold true but how 50 cent benefitted is for us to see.

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