How to Make Espresso Using Stove Top Espresso Machine?

Coffee is a great beverage which not only tastes good but there are also many health benefits attached with it. It contains some anti-oxidants that are good for health and also prevents several vital diseases. Coffee is an energizing and refreshing drink that helps you get going all day long. There are various types of coffee like espresso, cappuccino, latte etc. A good cup of espresso is enough to refresh you after a back-breaking day. A perfect cup of espresso can be easily prepared using an espresso machine however these espresso machines are a bit expensive when compared with other stove top espresso machines. Moka pots or stove top espresso machines are quite compact in size and low on budget machines. Although preparing espressos using stove top espresso machines can be quite time consuming but if you don’t want to invest much in an espresso machine and still need that perfect taste then these stove top espresso machines are recommended for you.


Steps Involved in Preparing Espresso using Stove Top Espresso Machines

Simply follow the below mentioned easy steps for preparing a perfect cup of espresso using your stove top espresso machines:

  1. Disassemble the 3 tiers of your stove top machine and you will get three different metallic chambers. The lower section of the machine is for filling the required quantity of water and the middle portion acts as a filter for filtering coffee. The topmost section is for storing coffee once the brewing process gets over.
  2. If you want to have that traditional style espresso simply fill the lower portion of your machine till half level. However, if you like Americano types of espresso then you will be requiring more water. So, fill the water tank up to a level which is below the safety line. It is advisable to preheat water so that your moka pot doesn’t get too hot while brewing espresso.
  3. Fill ground coffee in the filter section up to its brim. Remember the fresher the coffee grounds, the better they will taste. Make sure that you assemble the parts properly before starting the brewing process so as to avoid spills.
  4. Now place the moka pot on the hob of the stove directly. Make sure that the steam valve is not on your side while positioning the pot so as to avoid the steam blowing on to your face. You must also carefully hold the handle as it might get too hot while brewing espresso. It is advisable not to use moka pots with microwaves ovens and induction stoves.
  5. After positioning the pot safely, turn on the stove and heat the pot on medium high flame because a low flame can lead to thicken flavor. You can clearly hear the sound of overflow once the drink is ready so it is not compulsory for you to attend the pot during the entire brewing process.
  6. Once the drink is ready, the filter will start overflowing with bubbles. Turn off the stove once your espresso is ready. Allow the drink to percolate after you turn off the stove. After sometime the coffee will be perfectly saturated and the topmost section of the pot will be filled with a prefect and aromatic espresso which is pressurized from the bottom.
  7. Your espresso is now all ready to get served. Pour the espresso into serving cups and you can even add a little bit of crème to your espresso to enhance the flavor and taste of the drink and giving it a professionally brewed look.

Final Words

Brewing espresso using moka pots or stove top espresso machines takes a lot of time and efforts but then it’s completely worth the time and effort. You can brew up to 1 or 1/2 ounce of espresso using the stove top espresso machine. This will entirely depend on the size of your moka pot. Therefore, you can enjoy a lip smacking yet strong and aromatic cup of espresso prepared at the comfort of your home.

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