How to Earn Extra Cash on the Weekends

The internet is filled with scores of passive income ideas–but you must find one that blends in well with your skills and capabilities. Passive income gradually grows if you plan on expanding the business significantly. You must work hard initially if you’d like to create a steady revenue stream in future. Good passive income ideas do not require large sums of money but just investments in yourself.

Four Things to consider in your at-home Investment:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Skill Managing
  • Online Stocks

You can use any one combination of the above to get a better chance at success in your chosen field of expertise. Besides income, you’ll have a sense of accomplishment and more freedom once you start earning your passive income. The payoff is remarkable and worth your efforts. Bearing this in mind, let’s look at eight ways to add to your family income from home on weekends that you can build now.

  • Data Entry
    If you are a skilled in accounting, there are scores of online job opportunities in the data entry field. You could sign up with legitimate sites for a variety jobs that match your skills. The jobs provide hourly rates and quick payments upon completion of specific tasks. You will, however, be required to take an exam to test your skills for competency.
  • Online Stocks and Forex
    Using equity or online trading, or currency exchange to earn passive income is a great approach. Your initial capital could be any amount from £100; the best options for you include CMC Markets with forex. Online investment platforms are easy to set up since you only need a computer and some startup capital to buy trading shares. The value of your invested capital will fluctuate, and so will your profits. But in the long run, your income will grow with the market trends.
  • Stock photography
    Your photography hobby can turn out into a lucrative business of collecting stock photos and selling them to media outlets and ad agencies. You must be a skilled photographer with a lot of attractive media shots; you can also create composite photos on your computer and create sell photos used by advertisers for special projects. Stock photos can be sold with rights and fetch you a handsome pay.

  • eBooks
    Creating informative text is the best online product because you get to sell it forever. It’s so easy to create a book out of things you are passionate about. You can develop your own eBook and sell it through Goodreads, Kindle, or Amazon. A successful eBook requires strategic marketing. Establish a network of people willing to facilitate selling your eBook and achieve high sales volumes.
  • Blogging
    Blogging makes passive income over time. Like eBooks, you must be passionate about what you create for your readers. It doesn’t provide instant streaming income, but it pays well once you’re set in the right networks. Blogging is very rewarding. But it requires hard work for it to succeed.
  • Marketing Expert
    Are you a social media marketing guru? Why not leverage your effective marketing skills. Sell your ideas to small businesses and ask them to hire you as a part-time media expert. You will do this from the comfort of your home using your phone or laptop. Make an offer on pay percentages when their sales increase from your marketing campaigns. If your efforts pay off, you’ll be collecting cheques every week!
  • Technical Assistance
    Are you a technical nerd? You could start a small business right in your home by converting videos to DVDs. Ask people to give you their videos for converting before they decompose. Print flyers and distribute in your local neighborhood and social settings. Once people respond, your passive income will start streaming in hoards.
  • Resume Writer
    Are you a skilled writer? You can ask people looking for work to give you their resume for a little bit of tweaking to win instant interview invites. Once you deliver on the first customers, word will go round and you will have easy passive income.

People nowadays pay for quality service for the things they find tedious. If you can provide excellent services, you’ll never run short of cash in your life.


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