Refresh Your Look with Unique Collars

The most charming, elegant gentlemen are represented suited in crisp shirts and ties with cuff-links and formal shoes. A well-groomed man in a well-fitting shirt never fails to impress. But here is the problem, irrespective of colour or prints sometimes shirts fail to revive the look and become monotonous. Playing with prints and length is always helpful but there is one aspect of shirts that is often overlooked when styling- collars.

Men can experiment with different collars and team it with shoes to refresh their look and style. There are so many kinds of colours to work with. If you want a quirky look, or an edgy look you can go for different sorts of collars to achieve that. Here are a couple of collars you can try and enhance your everyday look –

  1. Button-down collar: This collar is most commonly worn for suits. A well-tailored suit can enhance this collar. You should wear ties with this collar as it will only highlight this collar more. Choose the button carefully. You can be bold and go for an embellished button depending on the cut and colour of the suit.
  1. Club/ Golf collar: This collar is fun and young as it originates from the English boarding schools. You can team this with chinos or golf shorts. Wear it with shoes or loafers. Golf collar is difficult to carry as formal wear. If you want to try it as formal wear go bold with this collar and team it with suspenders or a bold checked tie. Remember the time when Chuck in Gossip Girl wore this collar with a sweater to school and set the standards too high?
  1. Tab: This collar is a strict no without ties. This collar type is underrated. The popularity of this collar has waned over the past couple of years. James Bond was high on tab collars and brought this back to the limelight. This is perfect for a formal meeting or party. It is elegant and clean and complements ties rather than drawing the attention away from it. Do try a tie pin to go with this look.
  1. Pinned collar: Bling is popular and in trend and this dress shirt collar is the perfect bling needed in your formal attire collection. Pinned collared shirts are sophisticated but experimental and bold. Try a white pinned collar to a light coloured shirt or wear a white pinned collar shirt with a slim black tie to dazzle.

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