Jewellery Inspired by the Ancient Era in India

Any object older than 30-40 years is termed antique. Jewellery pieces based on antique styles are quite the fad in India today. Dating back to the years when the Mughal ruled the land, the jewellery was mainly worn by the royal members in India. Jewellery inspired by these antique pieces has become part of fashion online as well. If you are looking for the authentic piece of antique jewellery, then you are likely to find it at auctions and other such events.

The jewellery inspired by these antique pieces has also become major sellers in local jewellery stores for women of all ages to make them a part of their jewellery collection. Worn often during weddings and other grand festive events, these antique-inspired pieces of jewellery are considered to be precious and traditional, not to be worn at casual or regular events.


Jewellery worn by brides

Typically, at an Indian wedding, the jewellery inspired by the ancient Indian era is sought after to give to the bride. During Indian wedding ceremonies, most of the brides are seen wearing jewellery sets that are classified as Meenakshi sets, polka sets and Kundan sets. All these sets are inspired by the Mughal reign in India, which makes them the most prominent styles of retro jewellery designs.

Although the antique pieces used a lot of gold, the new pieces inspired by the olden days, use gold as the base, on which are laid gems and precious stones set in delicate and intricate patterns. Uncut diamonds are the characteristic centrepieces in polka sets, while painted intricate patterns are used in Meenakshi sets.


Inspired by motifs from nature

Most of these pieces derive inspiration from nature with motifs such as peacocks, leaves, birds and flowers. Women from all over the globe want jewelleryinspired by the ancient era in India due to its versatility, look, design and feel of the jewellery. It gives your outfit an unparalleled ethnic look, which cannot be compared to the contemporary types of jewellery.


Pair the jewellery with ethnic wear

The jewellery inspired by the olden times in India exudes tradition and elegance, which most women wear during weddings and ethnic events for a regal look. The attire teamed with this inspired jewellery set needs to be rich in its work and colours such as a lehenga-choli set, an anarkali set or even a gorgeous saree. With heavy embroidery and designing done on the duppatta, choli or skirt of these sets, the jewellery with heavy detailing will compliment the outfit perfectly. Teaming the jewellery sets with ethnic fashion clothes for women will give out a stunning overall look.


Ethnic jewellery pieces are a must-have

When it comes to jewellery inspired by the ancient times, India definitely tops the chart due to the beauty of the jewellery inspired by royal heritage. Women from all over hunt down at least a pair to add to their collection. Some of the antique-inspired pieces are made for men such as cufflinks and belt buckles, which can be teamed with new fashion clothes for men.

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