A Guide to Buy T Shirts for Men

Have you ever thought of what to gift to your brothers, father, the close guy friend or other important men in your life? While most of us think to gift watches as the safest choice but you can also buy t shirts for men, which they can wear regularly and put to some good use. After all, how much collection of watches would they keep! But before you decide to buy t shirts for men check out our unique guide to help you during the selection of t shirts, what to look for and what not to.

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When buying a t shirt for your guy best friend, it is important to look for a good fit as they look good in nicely fit t shirts. The t shirt shouldn’t be too baggy or too tight. If the man you want to buy a t shirt for is in a good build, you can lean your choice towards a bit tighter ones but not too tight. However, a little looser fit would best suit a guy with extra fit but don’t go too loose else he would look fat.

Shoulder Seams and Sleeves

The seams where the sleeves are attached to the body should align perfectly with the shoulders and the sleeves need to be about halfway the upper arm. If the man is very tall, you can look for a bit longer sleeves.


The length of the t shirt should not be any longer than the hips and must at least cover his waistband. An ideal length would be a few inches below the waistband.


Selecting the neckline is important. You can either look for v-neck or crew (roundish) neckline. The crew collar looks classy and is a good choice for men with longer necks and narrower faces. On the other hand a v-neck t shirt is a bit less formal. It looks better on shorter men as it adds a bit of height to their appearance. But you should avoid selecting too deep v-neck t shirts to maintain decency also there are Fancy Sherwani for Men


The fabric of the t shirt is directly proportional to the level of comfort it would give to the man who wears it. You can look for 100% cotton material which is soft, cool and feels good. Even a 50/50 blend of polyester is good as it is easier to maintain. The thicker t shirts look better when compared to the thinner ones that look cheaper and hastier.


Opt for sober colors when buying t shirts for men as they tend to like more subtle shades that make them look decent. Some colors to look for include white, navy blue, gray, and black. You can also look for their combinations or even shades of red, green or purple, depending on the complexion and skin tone of the man you are going to buy it for.

Other than normal solid colors, you can also look for graphic t shirts or t shirts with quotes that best match their personalities. Even some funky stuff can be good. The graphic t shirts with interesting designs, logos or funny gags do quite well. Even a bit of inspirational t shirts would do no harm; in fact it could motivate them in life.

The Last Words

So, this was all about buying t shirts for men. Now go out, look for a t shirt that would best match the taste of the guy you want to gift it to and shower them with a lovely present they would love.

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