Why do students fail in school with a good IQ ?

“The most important for the development of a child is not the amount of information that gets put in her brain during her early years. The crucial thing is if we can help them develop a diverse set of qualities including perseverance, self-control, curiosity, thoroughness, and self-confidence resolution include “Paul Tough. How children succeed. Determination, curiosity and power of nature.

EducationToday I would like to go a little further and try to answer these questions: Why do students fail in school with a high IQ? Why they do not succeed in life people with a high level of education?

I discovered Paul Tough during one of the plenary sessions WISE 2014. He attracted wide attention his theory that personality traits, what we call nature, have a fundamental impact on the success, whether school or life, people . I was interested that the next day arrived from Qatar I went to the bookstore to buy your book How to succeed … Your children was worth reading recommend.

From the description and analysis of different experiences of academic success, Tough invites us to develop in our students a right behavior rather than help reach targets intellectuals proposes seven skills to predict success in life. Determination, self control, enthusiasm, social intelligence, gratitude, optimism and curiosity. It is convinced that these skills can be evaluated and, moreover, the “intellectual” profile of the students should be accompanied by their profile of “personality.” He claims that the personality profile is a more effective indicator to predict the success the intellectual profile.

In his opinion, for success in life it is more important to have a high tolerance for frustration that a high IQ. This idea clashes with the belief that prevails in most of our schools that intelligence is the key to success. But we all know cases of gifted children who fail at school, among other reasons, because they have perseverance, self-confidence and meticulousness. Monsters petty tyrants who use their “intelligence” to impose its will on the adults around them (parents, teachers …) and react angrily whenever they do not get what they want at the time they want it.

Students learn to be meticulous are more likely to succeed in life than those who fill their head of data and information. Meticulousness is the quality that allows us strive to do or get something without expecting an immediate reward … which makes it an essential quality for a good development of the people.

Tough also states that teachers who show affection to their students perform better than those who remain distant. And you need to prepare students to deal effectively with stressful situations to which you are subject in schools (failing an exam, do homework on time …).

I know that many think that the character is innate, but it is not. You can learn to regulate emotions, to have a higher tolerance for frustration, to be optimistic … and also turns out that these are more effective learning to succeed in life science scholar infused knowledge is taught in most schools.

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