What Is The Right Age To Do An MBA?

Students or professionals usually pursue an MBA to get a major bump in their salaries and they often get what they’re looking for after completing their degrees. A recent survey of over 10,000 people by Bloomberg revealed that majority of the students pursuing their MBAs were in their mid-20s.

The situation is pretty much the same in India too. According to another survey conducted by a popular Indian media house, an average MBA graduate in India is in their early 20s.

But this doesn’t quite tell us what the right age to do an MBA is and it involves 3 different aspects.

  1. Career progress

This particular field involves three different groups of people-

  • Those who want to advance in their career: If a person falls under this group, they are convinced of the sector they are in and are willing to stick to it. This is when they’ll usually go for a distance MBA or the more traditional college education to achieve that end.
  • Those who are sensing a fall in their sector’s growth: If a person comes under this category, they usually begin preparing for a new sector as soon as possible so that they don’t face too much competition at a later instance.
  • Those who switch their careers constantly: If a person comes under this group, then they are probably looking to experience a new sector and don’t want to be typified by a single position. For instance, a media student going for an MBA in Finance to understand the mechanics behind running a successful company and maybe shifting to a different job once they feel they have enough.
  1. Personal Situation

It usually gets harder for people to pursue an MBA anytime after hitting their 30s, mostly because by that time they’ll have already taken up additional responsibilities as a family person and vying for a postgraduate degree gets a tad tedious.

  1. Preparation

Preparing to apply for an MBA isn’t easy if an individual wants to get into one of the premier institutes in the country. And this preparation time usually takes anywhere between 1 to 2 years to be fruitful.

All in all, these are the three main aspects that go into determining the average age of an MBA graduate. So, the ideal age for you to pursue an online MBA through distance learning courses or through the conventional means, would be in your early 20s because that’s the age when you are free of any major obligations.

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