The strange case of parents returning to school

The most direct and effective way to kill the wonder of a child is to give him everything he wants, without even giving him the opportunity to desire.” Catherine L’Ecuyer: Educate in amazement.

Children who have everything, they know no boundaries, they get what they want without effort, when they are older will be “adults kleenex”.

EducationLet me explain. Some time ago everyone used handkerchiefs, used once washed and could be used as many times as you wanted. Now all use disposable paper handkerchiefs (or kleenex, as known by its trade name), which are single use. An “adult Kleenex” is one that is unable to adapt to new situations, which has a low tolerance for frustration, which is not capable of permanently formed and therefore is not able to succeed in an increasingly unstable world .

A pampered and overprotected child is an adult incapable, it will be an adult who will face the world with anxiety, with doubts, with problems of socialization and self-esteem.

One of the clearest symptoms of parents who overprotect their children is when they seem to have gone back to school and are responsible for doing the homework of their children. Under the guise of helping them replace the ones who end up being doing homework, they still those who seek the information they need to do their academic work and even those drafted. Do not let your children accountable for their tasks, they are accountable to their obligations it has a totally perverse effect opposite to the one intended.

A child should not be reflective of the unreached dreams of their parents. Parents (and educators in general) should aim that our children and students are able to learn by themselves, solve problems independently.

To achieve this goal it is essential that parents and teachers work together. Parents should recognize and allow their children to the work of teachers. And teachers must have parents to set the objectives and strategies of school learning. The ultimate goal of education is that children have the ability to take responsibility.

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