The school does not educate excluding

“When I was five, my mother always told me that happiness is the key to life When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I wrote:.. ‘Happy’ I said I did not understand the question. I told them they did not understand life.” John Lennon

One of the major problems of education today is that it is couched in terms of winning or losing, as if it were a sports competition. In that competition those with a certain skills and abilities achieve victory or, at least, the places of honor, while others fall outside the podium, demoting or are disqualified and are away from the game.

The essential point is that education should be no categories and no one should be “out of game” but, by definition, education should always be inclusive. No one should leave the education system being a loser.

In the present education system we failed when we talk about school should only talk about school, each with a few individual needs and talents … because no two are alike for many students we try hard we all pass through the same filter. The school should be able to enhance the talents of every student.

Imagine a boy or a girl with great qualities for playing tennis: speed, reflexes, coordination of movements, a flexible wrist …; nevertheless, we force them to go swimming because everyone should practice it. Perhaps with effort and sacrifice (suffering and distress) get to be an acceptable swimmer or may surrender and hate swimming, water and pools. What is certain is that this will have lost an outstanding tennis player and maybe even a valid person to society.

Something similar happens with the majority of students who study in our schools; schools of constraint, limited and exclude many (too many) students; schools that do not educate people able to cope with the uncertainty of a changing and uncertain future; schools that are in danger of becoming obsolete by not being able to transform and adapt to the times.

A school that educates is a school that teaches to think, to be critical, to be competent, to be creative, to be innovative, to value others and oneself. This is the school that we are building

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