Surprisingly no surprise education

“If you stop to think, children and adults are fascinated only two things: The surprising and the chasm that yawns between the details” Ray Loriga: Za Za, Emperor of Ibiza

Sometimes I have the strange feeling that education is trapped in nothingness. It’s like a sailboat at sea I was always wrapped in the most absolute calm, where there is no wind blows. The feeling of being at sea, motionless, surrounded by water on all sides, without seeing the slightest sign of land, must be very distressing. As distressing as it has many educators feel the absence winds that carry them to fruition.

educationThe good thing is that education today is beginning to show a breeze, yet soft, a slight wind that seems to be gaining strength. And the wind seems that could change education.

If you think about it, it is surprising that education not be surprised, or children, or adults. What is surprising is the gateway to learning for both students and educators. The surprise arouses curiosity, which is the fuel that motivates us to innovate, to find new ways to be more creative. And, although it may seem otherwise, in the education of our days there to redo everything, everything is discovered. There are still many things that can surprise us.

In addition to the traditional content of education (which should retain its importance), we must begin to let in education perseverance, desire to experiment, risk taking, creativity, the ability to tolerate failure and critical thinking. All these elements form the breeze is beginning to move education.

Yes not spread our sails to the innovative wind is awakening, education will continue to drift in the middle of nowhere. The important thing is to know the answer to these two questions, Who really cares about education? Who can change education? Find the answer within you, do not expect anyone to answer them for you.

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