Psychometric Test – your guide to a successful career

Smart and confident, 20-year old engineering student gave an anxious response on asking to complete a psychometric test. Well, the reaction hiring executive received wasn’t surprising for him as, he has faced similar reaction from many candidates during his six years of career as a hiring manager.

Many a times, psychometric tests often turns out to be ‘Achilles heel’ of highly talented candidates. On informing them that they form an essential part of process, the response is like, “What does that comprises?” followed by expressions filled with anxiety.

If you have been looking for a successful career that fits your personality then psychometric test are a convenient way to know which personality type you belong to. Attributes such as intelligence, personality and aptitude can be determined by these tests. So, before you get trapped into the wrong career choice. Take the call and check out what insights these tests can offer you.

The inside of Psychometric Test:These tests must fulfill the following criteria in order to make the best judgments;

  • The score must not get altered by the testers’ values or beliefs
  • They must be patterned well. Execution under controlled settings delivers best outcomes
  • They must be reliable implying that it must reduce and compute any basic errors.
  • They must help in making an accurate prediction of the performance.

While hunting for a job, you may encounter two types of test that assesses:

Character or Personality traits – for instance, are you anxious, serious, dominant, sensitive, reserved and quiet or stable and practical?

Analytical traits – these judge your cognitive or reasoning abilities and include playing with numbers, words, problem-solving, error checking and spatial reasoning. ‘

From School-leavers to professionals who think that they have entered the wrong career, reliable and comprehensive – psychometric tests can be used by standing on the verge of a making a strong career decision.

Psychometric tests are not localized to the corporate world. The fact is strongly supported by this statistics which states that 80% of the Fortune 500 companies in the USA and by over 75% of the Times Top 100 companies in the UK. Financial institutions, local authorities, IT companies, management consultancies, police forces, armed forces and fire services make thorough use of psychometric testing.

Nuggets of Preparation tips for Psychometric test:

Master the psychometric testing know-how: Being good at math or ability to read English fastly may not give you success certainly in the psychometric test. Wrong assumption, these tests are framed in a very unique pattern. Theymeasure abstract – comprising finding similar patterns,shapes, numerical and verbal reasoning skills.

Be True to yourself: These test judge the consistency in your answers. Inconsistency in your answers can make you face issues. Portraying yourself in an overly positive manner may not help to land a good job. Ensure that you portray to be just yourself and understand clearly what set of potentials you want to feature.

Online Psychometric test Practicing: Identifying frameworks suitable for dealing with problems will help to improve results considerably. Most of the tests are executed online, so, it becomes essentially important to prepare for these tests on the same medium. Let’s take a look at some of the Psychometric-tests that can benefit significantly in preparation:

Jung Typology Test:

In this test you judge your characteristics by simply the answering the questions in ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a sequence of statements. Based on results, you are categorized as specific personality type. Then, a list of career options as applicable and related educational institutions can be checked out by the candidates.

Finding potential: ‘Individuals’ Personality Questionnaire

Based on the universally approved ‘Big 5’ personality model helps to understand behavioral preferences in the corporate environment. A 15 page report reflects the personalitytraits and breaks it down as per the suitable jobs and work preferences.

There are many other psychometric tests available online which can give you the list of best career options and choose the best among the plethora of options.

The Substance of It:

Psychometric tests can deliver some surprising results that can open up avenues for new career opportunities. So, stop making assumptions about your capabilities and pick the best career-fit from dozens of career options.

A word of caution: Do not solely rely upon the results achieved from an online test. Results by Psychometric test or personality tests offer useful suggestions that can be considered while making a career choice.


About the Author:

Renu Kishor, works as Content Analyst Beside her work she also has a keen interest in counseling students to take the right stride towards achieving their career goals. She like to write, listen to music besides travelling to exotic locations.

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