Maths myths! It is not that scary

After reading all those math related jokes on the tees that people wear, one thing is really clear that it is one of those subjects that people find very scary. You compare the brigade that loves math and the one that hates it, the haters would surely be more in number. There are many students who take all the available tuitions along with studying it at the school to make sure that they simply get the passing marks. But if studying the correct way, this subject wont scare the hell out of you in any way and in contrast to this, it would become something that is fun and interesting. Byjus classes is best for class 9 maths coaching

Standard nine and eleven are considered as the most important and equally difficult areas and years of a student’s life. Maths is a compulsory subject in 9th class and therefore studying it properly becomes very important. For those students you carefully study all year and prepare for 9th class maths things are easy but if you have left everything for the end and have no idea even about the syllabus and topics covered in the book, things can become troublesome for you. Most of the students find maths scary because they do not have a strong base or have poorly understood the basic concepts. Although the subject is completely practical, understand the theory behind the concept or a formula initially can make its implementation a lot easier.

In most of the class 9 maths NCERT book that is used as textbook in the schools, there is a theoretical explanation of every concept before beginning its problems. The students and the teachers should focus on getting through these concepts initially rather than directly implementing the problem solving methods. You can use the apps and websites as well that teach math for 9th grade in a unique and student friendly manner. Once you understand the concept, whichever way you like the next thing that you will have to do is to start solving the exercises related to it.

Another problem that has been seen with the students who find maths scary is the tendency to ignore the subject. No matter how difficult you find it, if you do not practice and preach the difficult things, you will not get success. The best way to deal with the anxiety related to maths is to practice it as much as you can. With practice, you would gain confidence and then start understanding the logics in a better way. There are a lot of reference books and worksheets that you can find in the form of eBooks available online. Simply solve the questions online or download them and practice in the future to make sure that whichever section of the class 9 maths you pick up you do not find it difficult or ignore it completely thinking that you could score marks in the sections that are easy to understand and score marks in.

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