List of “nonsense” by 2015

At this time it is customary to intentioned lists of resolutions for the new year. It is a kind of catharsis that intends to transform our habits and behaviors to improve our lives, in our work … What happens in reality is that these lists are never fulfilled. So they are not only a waste of time, but also cause frustration.

EducationFor this reason I decided to make a list of nonsense for 2015 … just get are not met and thus, I get change things and be a little better every day:

1. Keep doing the same thing every day. I feel comfortable in my comfort zone and I have no need to complicate my life. My goal is to be calm, to live without fear.

2. Do not try anything new. What has always worked, certainly still works now. Although the world and society change at an ever faster rate, I have no need to do anything different. That the world suits me!

3. I know everything I need to know (that’s what I studied in college). And I studied when I had to and now has to live rent. No need to learn anything new. Continuing education is a hoax and an unnecessary waste of time.

4. Do not share anything. What I have and what I know is for me and for anyone else. Share does not bring me anything. I have to be more selfish every day!

5. Allow to believe in utopias and become more materialistic. It is time to stop dreaming, we must be realistic and stop believing that education serves to transform the world.

I hope that by making this list of nonsense get the opposite effect and actually meets that of “new year, new life” because, at least in the world of education, it is very necessary.

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