How to prepare for engineering exams?

Engineering and Medical are the two most popular, most sought after examinations in the Indian subcontinent, of course because of the secure and financially stable future they claim to provide you

If you are studying in maybe some engineering colleges in Lucknow, or any other Engineering colleges of the country, this piece is definitely going to help you out.

Nothing very scientific in this post, just some basic steps which will make your Engineering life a lot more easier if followed correctly.

Group Studying:-  

No I am not listing this post  here because being with your friends makes study easier, there is a very solid scientific reason behind group study.

Research has proved that when you study,  after certain amount of time your brain loses its actual concentration, and power to solve problems, so at that time you need to refresh your brain to bring it back to its original potential, that can be achieved if you have a study group and you have a mild 5 to 10 minutes break while studying.

And specially the engineering colleges in Lucknow are well equipped to facilitate a group study for you no doubt.

Secondly having a study group is like having as many number of minds as there are people in the group, because you may not be in the state to answer a certain question, or to solve a certain arithmetic problem, but that of your friends just might do the job, right?  Its like you will have extra brains to help you out.

This works both ways, I mean you can help your friends out which will increase your own knowledge, and they can help you out with will solve your problem cover so see there are lots of benefits of studying in a group


When will the class, all in the coaching no matter where you are in the class, or in the coaching, no matter how worthless it sounds and looks like, your teacher sometimes just actors some useful formulas, or things that you might not find in the book that he has no plan of teaching you, it just comes out from his subconscious.

If you make the habit of writing down almost everything your teacher says, you are going to have a very sharp edge over your friends, simply because you know things which teacher knows but not the other students, because you were attentive and noted them down.

Design Classes:-

Ok, this might sound absurd to you because you are on this post because you are going for engineering, but I am talking about designing have I gone crazy?

Well, taking a designing class helps you represent data visually, so in the long run it technically  saves you a lot of time, because you won’t have to write everything down you can just represent the data. And just not that, your diagrams and other stuff which you need in the engineering thing becomes a bit more professional, so if you are looking at the long-term perspective I would say designing classes are something you should not miss, and what would it cost you? Maybe an extra hour of the day? Take my word for it, it will be totally worth it.

Diversify your Focus:-

If you are in any of the engineering colleges in Lucknow, or in any Engineering College of any part of this country comma you probably know that your overall GPA matters in getting you placed, right?

Now with engineering, you don’t need to focus on everything that the syllabus have, because only certain subject matter in your overall grade, right? Now there are subjects which is just there on a general purpose to help you with your studies but they don’t contribute to the final results, so what you have to do is. You  have to shift your focus from them to the subjects that matter.

Start focusing on arithmetic, and whatever your field of study is and spend less time with the other subjects that is one of the strategies to help you score and over all higher grade.

Final Words:-

So yeah that was about it folks. I’m sure this article is going to help you if you’re in some engineering colleges in Lucknow, or are trying to get into one.

In either case, following the above tips will add the a different kind of smoothness to your Engineering lives for sure.

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