Education should be proactive, thoughtful and creative

People are not the containers to be filled. Even in infancy humans are “incomplete beings” that must be “complete” filling our head of data and information. For this reason, education should be proactive, thoughtful and creative.

Proactive: Although the Academy of Language does not provide this word, I take the license to use it to point out that educators (whether parents, teachers …) must have full control of their behaviors, actively. A proactive education implies continuous learning, so there have initiative, work collaboratively and learn to search for information efficiently and criticism.

EducationA proactive education will overcome the difficulties scoring goals clear and assumable and indicating the right way to get them. Traditionally, education has been reactive, i.e. passive and being unable to overcome the problems. When a student is unable to adapt to the system, an education reactive leave it aside and labeled “academic failure”; proactive education is able to act and seek ways to overcome the situation.

A proactive education enables people to learn from the mistakes and failure is seen as a step towards success.

Reflective: The ultimate goal of education is not only that students know many concepts and manage a lot of information, but also to be able to produce knowledge and to solve problems. Therefore we can not educate passively mechanically transferring data from the master (holder of knowledge) students (receiver of knowledge).

Provide critical awareness is one of the most important goals of education.

Creative: I have already addressed this issue in another post ( creativity as an engine of education ), but I would stress that education without creativity is like a painter without color or a writer without words. Creativity is the oxygen of education, without it eventually drowning.

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