Are distance learning programmes really effective?

Distance education is a common manner of study among Indian students of the current generation.Aspirants, who are not able to take up full time studies due to a specific reason or because of other pressures, join in Distance education programs. In the country there are a number of universities and colleges are offering a selection of distance management programs which include both diplomas and degrees – through distance learning mode.

Distance MBA has gained a lot of popularity in a very short span of time. Distance learning programme is perfectmodel for professionals. While regular MBA is the top pick for every person, Correspondence MBA, if pursued suitably can open up roads in career than regular MBA’s for professionals.The rapid boostMBA courses either through distance learning or even online courses in the past few years is mainly for the reason that of the determined, and ambitious lower management staff, who want quick career jumps.

The major advantages in Correspondence MBA

  • Flexibility is the major benefit of distance learning courses. Specificallyfor working professional. Not everybody has the situationof pursuing a regular course. For those who had to start working right after graduation such courses is a blessing and give the chance to pursue higher education.
  • Everyone does not have the same speedin learning. Some students are quick learners, while others need time to grasp a subject. One of the largestbenefits of distance learning is that you can read at a pace that is comfortable for you. In regular classes the peer pressure and constant tests and homework’s given by professors would seriously handicap the learning speed.
  • It is very tough to get into an MBA course in a good school the marks required for acceptance is high. Distance learning courses do not demand the same high percentage of marks as regular MBAs. It is relatively lesser so the horizon for students who can pursue the course broadens.
  • Distance learning courses are convenient to pursue. Exams are held only once a semester and if there are any classes they are held only for a few days or in weekends. These make it quite convenient for a working professional to continue his education without interrupting his office work.
  • If the MBA programme is one of the online courses you have the added bonus of virtual leaning and access to study materials and virtual lectures at any time you want. Virtual lectures save a lot of time and effort as there is no need to travel for classes. Also paperless exams are the recent development which has made it very easy for the students.
  • Cost effective. Distance MBA programmes have much lesser fees compared to regular MBA courses. This is the major reason why it is easier for working professionals with family commitments and financial burdens to pursue such courses.

There are some disadvantages in this method like no direct contact with the staff, lesser peer discussions and a lack of discipline. However if pursued with a proper ambition Distance learning MBA’s can improve the lives of many.

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